Woods Cross Secondary Metering Project
Project Contact (385) 274-6046
Project Overview
The Utah State Legislature passed legislation in 2022 requiring secondary water meters on all connections in Utah by 2030. Visit UtahWaterMetering.com to learn more about the metering requirement.
This project is set to begin October 2022 and will be completed in May 2023.
The Process
Secondary users having a meter installed will receive written notice prior to the commencement of work taking place. The District has worked hard to ensure minimal impacts to residents during installation. The following impacts may occur during meter installation:
A small area will be excavated to allow for installation of the meter.
The meter will be installed within a corrugated plastic pipe that will be buried and have a purple cover that will remain visible. See photos below.
Following installation, the contractor will restore landscaping. Depending on the time of year sod replacement may occur at a later date.
Most installations will occur when the water is off to minimize irrigation disruptions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is having a secondary water meter installed at my residence optional?
No. Weber Basin intends to install a secondary water meter on every connection.
Will Weber Basin begin charging me based on usage once the meters are installed?
Not at this time. Weber Basin will use the data gathered to measure the effectiveness of conservation efforts and to inform residents of their outdoor water usage. Weber Basin will provide each residence with a monthly usage statement that will show their usage compared to the amount required by their landscape. This statement is for informational purposes and is not a bill, however, customers are expected to stay below their annual allocation of water each year. Those that exceed this allocation will be contacted by the District.
Do I need to have a personal shut off valve for my irrigation system?
Yes. A separate, personal shut off valve is an important part of your irrigation system. It is important for you to have the means to shut off water to your sprinkler system in case you have a break. It is also recommended that you have a filter on your system. Secondary water is not treated or filtered and can plug sprinkler heads with debris.
Will the installation affect my culinary system?
No. Culinary (indoor) water is a separate system delivered by a different entity. The installation of a meter on your secondary system will not affect the water in your home.
Will the meter affect water pressure?
While unlikely, there is a potential to have pressure changes. Most often, lower pressure is a result of the time of day you irrigate, and those pressure issues can be resolved by adjusting your watering to a time when there is less demand on the system. Please remember that watering is prohibited between 10 am and 6 pm due to the high loss of water through evaporation.
Will my landscaping in the installation area be restored?
Yes. The contractor will restore landscaping in the area affected by the installation. The contractor will likely restore the landscaping on a different day than the meter is installed. Depending on the time of year, sod may be replaced later than other landscaping in the area.