Water Quality Lab Accreditation

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The WBWQL maintains a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation by meeting all requirements to qualify for certification under the Utah rule R444-14. This rule applies to all laboratories that analyze samples for compliance with Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Clean Water Act, and the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Laboratories that analyze samples for compliance with rules established by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality require approval under the Utah rule for each analyte analyzed by a specific method. The State of Utah Environmental Laboratory Certification Program governs the WBWQL methods and procedures to adhere within the laws established by the NELAC Institute (TNI). The State of Utah conducts routine on-site audits of the facility, staff, and data.

Proficiency Audits

For purposes of obtaining and maintaining accreditation, WBWQL participates in a Proficiency Testing (PT) program as outlined in the current TNI standard. Blind-samples are prepared by an authorized independent organization outside the laboratory and the WBWQL is required to analyze samples and attain results within a specified range. The results of each PT test, or series of tests, carried out by WBWQL is reported accurately, clearly, unambiguously, and objectively.

Internal Audits

In addition to blind-sample proficiency testing, the Quality Assurance Officer routinely conducts internal audits to verify operations continue to comply with the requirements of the TNI standard. The Quality Assurance Officer plans, organizes, and carries out the internal audit to ensure quality of results by implementing checks to monitor the laboratory’s analytical activities.