Replacement Water Account Setup

This page is exclusively used for requesting replacement water.
Please allow 5-10 business days for staff to reply once this form has been completed and any additional information required is returned to the District.

Replacement Water Contract Explainaton

Steps to obtain replacement water.

  1. Fill out the required information for a replacement water petition. Staff will create the replacement water petition and send it via email.
  2. The original signed and notarized replacement water petition needs to be returned to our office with the associated fees. Notaries are available at our office if needed.
  3. After all previous steps have been completed, it will go to our board for consideration of approval.
  4. Once approved or denied the staff will notify the applicant.
  5. Prior to using or putting water to use the applicant is required to obtain an exchange (diversion permit) from the Division of Water Rights.
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