Water Audit Information

Find water audit resources and do your own audit easily!

Weber Basin is now offering a do-it-yourself water audit kit. The District is no longer sending staff to conduct audits for residents. You can pick up a free kit at the District office Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30.

What is a Water Audit?

The average homeowner in Utah applies almost double the amount of water onto their landscape than is necessary. Most of that is not an issue of belligerently wasting water, but simply a lack of knowing how much water our landscapes need to thrive, how efficient our sprinkler systems are, and how quickly they apply water on to the lawn. Water audits are designed to help homeowners learn these particulars so they can be as efficient as possible with landscape irrigation.

An Audit consists of a series of tests to determine how uniformly and how fast water is being applied from each sprinkler zone. You can check your irrigation system and make changes based on the tests that will improve the coverage and help you know how long to irrigate based on the rate of application you calculate.

A catch cup test can be performed on each zone of your yard to help you in the improvement of water delivery. You will use this catch cup information to know how long and how often you should run your sprinklers.

When you pick up your kit, you will receive a folder with information to help you through the process and you will have the website addresses to online tools to calculate and determine your results.

When you learn to apply the right amount at the right frequency, you will save a lot of water and your lawn will be healthier.

Come into our office to learn more and pick up your water audit kit.