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Hardy, Amazing Ground Covers
14 September
9:00 AM
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2837 E HWY 193, LAYTON UT 84040
Ground covers include any plant that stays low to the ground and forms a dense cover of the ground. Many are spreading in nature and when planted and cared for properly, can fill in and reduce weed growth, help with reduced evaporation of water from soils, moderate soil temperatures and look great in the landscape. Some ground covers are suitable to be walked on and can take the place of turfgrasses, in addition, many of them have a showy flower. Come and learn how ground covers can be used in your landscape to create interest and provide low water green space. This class will be taught by Tyler Haines, Garden lead for the District. A short outdoor portion will take place to show you many examples of ground covers growing in our Learning Garden
* Registration available 6/16/2024 *
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