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Annual Flowers for Year Long Color
18 April
6:30 PM
21 of 150 Registered
2837 E HWY 193, LAYTON UT 84040
This class will focus on one group of plants that we normally don't cover when discussing drought tolerant or water wise. Annuals are beautiful flowering plants but typically have a higher water demand. In this class we will help you become aware of some annuals that are not as thirsty and still provide a lot of color and interest in your yard. you will learn the value of grouping plants with similar water needs together to create beauty and water efficiency. Anuuals should be used near your home or in containers where you enjoy them and then other lower water plants in the rest of the yard. This class will be taught by Zac Roberts. He has experience with annual plants from his previous employment managing 2 Temple landscapes (Ogden and Brigham City).