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Irrigation Systems Basics
13 April
9:00 AM
13 of 100 Registered
2837 E HWY 193, LAYTON UT 84040
Mid April is the time to think about getting your sprinkler system ready for warmer weather when irrigation will be needed. This class will cover the basics of a good irrigation system and how to keep it working properly so that you will water what is needed and water when its needed and eliminate wasted water. Whether you are putting in a new yard or dealing with an existing yard and sprinkler system you didn’t install, this class will cover the irrigation basics you need to start the year out right. Head alignment, proper depth, adjusting, timing, and more. We will cover all the parts of the system you need to check to make sure you are off to a good start in a very water efficient way. This class will be taught by David Rice, conservation manager for the District. He has 2 decades of experience in water efficient landscapes and irrigation.