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Best Pruning Practices: Fruits and Ornamentals
2 March
9:00 AM
54 of 100 Registered
2837 E HWY 193, LAYTON UT 84040
The task of pruning can be overwhelming for many homeowners. There are many factors to consider when pruning a tree and questions arise of when, why, what and how to prune? This class provides some classroom instruction with photos and descriptions, then we will go out and do some live demonstrations of pruning to help you have the confidence needed to prune your fruit trees for production, good tree structure and health, and your ornamental trees for proper shape, strength and health. We will cover shrubs and other plants as well. this class will be taught by David Rice, Conservation Manager and horticulturist for the District. You will enjoy this class. If weather is very poor, the outside portion will not be done, but more indoor instruction will be provided